We are committed to your safety

Drival gives a top priority to our customer’s safety therefore, Drival providing the latest safety technologies, our Captains regularly receive safety training in order to ensure our customers safety.


  • First customer safety:-
  1. Our Captains must clear several screenings and must pass a serious check before they can join Drival like ( criminal record check-valid driving license-drug test )
  1. Our Captains’ cars are assessed according to high standard prior to join Drival
  2. Drival has a professionals ‘mystery shoppers’ who are checks vehicles, captains, customer service, and documentation to make sure everything is up to our standard


  1. we provide you captain and car details, which include the Captain’s photo, name, rating, vehicle type, and plate number.
  1. Drival is evaluating the Captains’ driving skills and behavior to make sure your ride is as safe and smooth as possible.
  2. Emergency help- If you ever feel uncomfortable or need emergency assistance during the ride, you can request help right from the operation center
  1. Share your ride with friends and family to let them know you are on the way, and they can track your ride
  1. Verify your ride with a PIN. Opt in to this feature to help make sure you’re getting into the right car with the right driver.
  2. The Speed Limit Alerts feature flashes visual reminders to help drivers stay at a safe speed.
  3. We hide your contact info for your privacy. Whenever you call and text a driver through the app, they won’t see your phone number, and you won’t see theirs.
  4. ratings are available to help us to evaluate our captains



  • Covid-19 precaution measures

our captains are committed to wear a face mask during the trip and use the disinfection supplies




  • second captain safety
  1. our customers must create profiles with Drival before being able to request a ride.
  2. Our navigation platform provides you with the fast and easy directions as to how to get to your destination, allowing you to focus less on directions and more on getting there safely.
  3. Customer ratings also are available for the captains